Watch Maintenance – Between Services

Watch Maintenance – Between Services

By CS Watch Repairs

Sometimes a watch may need attention between its service intervals. This could be due to the style of wear the wearer subjects the watch to, improper servicing by the previous repairer, or an unforeseen issue that has arisen in the watch (metal fatigue, faulty part, random error). Regardless of the cause, you will sometimes find yourself visiting a watchmaker during these intervals.

The thing to keep in mind about what happens during maintenance is that it is just that: maintenance. It is not a service, restoration, or anything other than one small issue being addressed.

Now what really is an issue and becomes a worry quite often, is that people usually perform a very basic maintenance on a watch and call it a service. Now, the reason people get away with this is because technically speaking, addressing some issue in a watch is and can be called providing a service for someone. This however gives the impression that a full service is being performed on the watch, and customers are sometimes even charged the full amount of a service, or walk away thinking they don’t have to address their watch for another 5 years or so.

The work done by CS Watch Repairs will be clearly described as either: Restoration, Service, or Maintenance. This will help our customers know what has been done to their watch and help them keep in mind when their next service is due.