Originally ‘Watch Rescue’, the name ‘CS Watch Repairs’ was adopted to reflect the professional trajectory the business was hoping to take.

The underlying philosophy is centred on a romantic view of preserving both the horological and creative history of a watch. This is done by providing an ethical, moral and quality service with the watches best interest at the forefront of all repairs undertaken.

Horology, the art of making watches and clocks, is an art form that is hundreds of years old. Many techniques of repair remain the same, however the innovations in timepieces have consequently led to innovations in repair.

CS Watch Repairs’ Watchmaker, Christopher Soto, combines age old technique with modern servicing techniques. Since his early love for horology begun in 2012, he has constantly sought to expand his workshop tools and repair skills.

As of 2018 he decided to undertake an apprenticeship in the field to further perfect and refine his skills. This has allowed him enrol in the last running watch repair course on the eastern border of Australia conducted by Trenton Firth through TAFE.

Christopher has also had the privilege to train under Sydney’s only Master Watchmaker, Karl Braunsteiner. Karl trained in Austria achieving his Masters in Watchmaking after a 4 year full-time degree. His master craftsmanship flows through the repairs he completes and through the watchmakers he teaches. Passion and precision are at the forefront of all repairs, no corners are cut, and all repairs are performed to the highest of standards. Christopher hopes to retain these skills and pass them on to a future generation of watchmakers to make sure horology survives at the highest standard possible.

Professional Development

CSWR was proudly mentioned in an independent review of Sydney’s top independent watchmakers by Boss Hunting.


Christopher has also had the privilege to have been previously employed at Master Watchmaking and currently at Parker Time – both of which are also on the list of the top 5.