So what’s the go, are you taking in repairs?

Unfortunately due to huge demand combined with huge demand from my full time job at Parker Time, I can no longer take in new repairs for the foreseeable future. I will do my best to cater to my current customers as best as possible, and also answer enquiries regarding repairs and suggestions. As my speciality is repairs and restorations, I will certainly consider jobs that have been beyond repair elsewhere.

Why are there no prices listed on the site?

Repairs, maintenance and services vary widely so it is not possible to offer a price list. For example, a manually wound watch that is 80 years old versus one that is 10 years old would have significantly more repairs required than one that is 10. More time, parts, specialised repairs and tool usage would be required thus contributing to a larger difference in price.

Prices take into consideration a wide variety of factors and can vary greatly between watches. As there is no industry standard, watchmakers and others working on watches can set their own prices, so prices between places also vary.

I align my prices to those I deem of providing professional repairs and will always keep prices as fair as possible. Please note untrained people can also charge high prices to repair so do not use this as a guideline. The quality of unusually cheap repairs speak for themselves.

How long will a service take?

My average turn around time for complete services are approximately 6 weeks. Currently, the combination of wait and repair times is much longer than that.

How does this work? Do you have a shop? Or where do I take my watch?

I do not have a brick and mortar shop. I have a fully equipped workshop in my residence in Wolli Creek.

My preferred method of receiving a watch is through the post to my Parcel Locker address. In some instances where an heirloom or higher valued piece needs work, I would be happy to arrange a meetup time in a public location.

Why don’t you pick up your phone?!

During normal business hours, I work full-time for another watch and clock repair business. As such, I do not answer calls.

Please leave a voice message, text or email and I will get back to you.

Are you trained?

Although I refer to the business as us, it’s just me, CS! And yes, I am trained.
I was initially self taught for approximately 5 years before offering my services publicly. After numerous mentors improved my skill, I began to offer public work.

I recently completed the Watch and Clock Repair program through TAFE, while undertaking training with a master watchmaker that has over 40 years experience including a 5-year masters level training in Austria, and frequent training with 4 major Swiss brands.

As you would appreciate, watchmaking is a niche trade that is slowly regaining momentum worldwide. Major training is only offered in selected countries, not including Australia. As such, I do everything I can locally and one day I will hopefully extend overseas.

My repairs are always in line with what manufacturers require their watches to be repaired too. As for vintage and antique pieces, I have received specialised training from a master watchmaker who works to the highest standard. The goal is to always restore a vintage watch to its original condition in terms of performance, but not necessarily aesthetics. This is to maintain the integrity and essence of the piece.